The Takedao Abandoned Railway trail


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August, 4 th 2019 Ōsaka

Tracks and tunnels. This trail is one of the most popular ones around Ōsaka and was the very first one I IMG_1389.jpgorganised after settling down last December (click here to read more). Since we hiked this trail in early winter I always kept it in mind to come back during a different season. It’s still within my favourite area: the Takarazuka mountains. I still had to plan and organise my upcoming vacation and therefore a huge lack of time, so this was the perfect time to go for this trail again. It’s rather a lovely sunday’s walk than a hike and I expected to an early endeing of the event. This time I IMG_1400.jpegjoined the group in the train, some people struggled to find the meeting point and gather. But in the end it worked and we all sat in the train heading to Takedao Station. It was a sunny day with IMG_1419.jpegbright blue sky and in the mountains it was way nicer than in the smelly big city. We started hiking on the abandoned railway tracks crossing dark tunnels. It was a very joyful group and we chatted a lot. Everybody seems to enjoy both, the campanionship and the trail. Soon the trail guided us along a huge mountain river. The water looked beautiful and we all dreamed of dipping in on these hot summer’s day. We talked so much, that we already finished the trail before lunch. My plan was to walk back on the same way and everybody agreed. Soon we took a lunchbreak in the shadow and had a joyful time together. The old railway tracks with IMG_1416.jpgtheir tunnels and bridges are a perfect scenery for awsome pictures. On the trail I noticed it must be a great and IMG_1414.jpegunique scenery in all four seasons. I saw many momiji (紅葉 / ginko) as well as cherry blossom (sakura) trees. I can recommend this trail to anybody. It’s an easy short trail which offers a nice and joyful scenery during all the year. In the early afternoon we were back at Takedao Station. It was a short, but very nice hike and I’m happy to have taken some nice shots and met new inspiring people.

Access: JR Takedao Station

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