Hiking around Ōsaka


Hey there! Bothered by the big city life? Tired of seeing huge buildings? Let’s enjoy the nature around Ōsaka while hiking with other cool people!

I already joined weekly hikes with international people mostly from Couchsurfing one year ago (feel free to read more about it here). Since this concept was working out so well, I co-organized several weekend trips also including camping last summer. Now, living in Japan, I would like to continue and keep this wonderful spirit alive. Here are some general informations:

  • I will NOT cancel the event (except typhoon), please check the weather by yourself and decide if you feel comfortable to join or not
  • This event is for FREE and always will be (you might have to pay transportation costs, which vary)
  • I’m not a guide, so I don’t take any responsibility. I just go my own way and you are very welcome to join me
  • What to bring: solid shoes, drinks and snacks according to your need, a picnic blanket could also be useful. Feel free to bring a ball / frisbee, guitar or whatever you like
  • You don’t need to sign up for this event. I will create a WhatsApp / LINE group the evening before, so it might be useful to sign up. Anyway, you don’t need to apologize if you decide not to come, you can just leave without any explanation. Also, you can decide very last minute to join, just show up in time
  • Feel free to join the group from which station is comfortable for you
  • We will make a break somewhere on the trail, the exactly place is not determined before
  • I will upload the trail in .klm format which is used by google maps and OpenStreet maps. You can load the file in several apps and use it offline. I personally use maps.me. I highly recommend to download the trail just in case you get lost.
  • If you like the concept and be motivated, feel free to organize further events with me. Just talk to me.
  • Meeting point is Ōsaka Station North Central Exit, 2nd floor, in front of the big clock



June, 6 th / 7 th: Swim, Camp & BBQ at Lake Biwa 

Event is postponed until COVID-19 situation is more released. I’ll keep you posted here.






  • 雨天決行です。天候をみたうえでご自身で参加したいかどうかを判断してください。
  • この企画は無料です。今後も。(ただし要交通費。値段はまちまちです。)
  • わたしは主催者ではありません。よってどんな責任も負うことはありません。ただ自分の行きたい道をえらぶだけなので、もし気に入ればぜひご一緒しましょう。
  • もちもの:しっかりした靴、飲みものと行動食(必要に応じて)。シートがあれば便利でしょう。ボールやフリスビー、ギターなど好きなもの持参も大歓迎です。この企画に登録はいりません。
  • WhatsAppやLINEなどの連絡アプリでグループをつくっていますので、アプリがあれば便利です。もし来ないことになっても断りをいれる必要はありません。また、直前に来たくなったら、ふらっと時間までに現れてくれれば結構です。
  • あなたの好きな駅から参加してください。道中どこかで休憩をとります。どこでとるかはか未定です。それと.klmファイル形式でハイキングの経路をネットにあげておきます。グーグルマップとオープンストリートマップを使ったものです。非ネット接続環境でもつかえるようにダウンロードしたいひとはどうぞ。個人的にはmaps.meをつかっています。
  • もしこのルールに共感してくれるなら、一緒にわたしとイベントを企画しましょう。
  • 待ち合わせ場所はJR大阪駅北口2階、おおきな時計台の前です。


3 thoughts on “Hiking around Ōsaka

  1. Amazing. Thanks for doing this. I love challenging hikes. Is this a he’d one? Thanks!!! See you tomorrow Melanie


    1. Hi Melanie,
      I haven’t been in exactly this trail yet (would be boring), so I cannot predict what’s gonna happen tomorrow. We never know how the trail’s condition is, but the area is amazing and we always have a lot of fun and adventure!

      See you tomorrow!

      PS: Click the following link to join the LINE / WhatsApp group for tomorrow:

      LINE: http://line.me/ti/g/RQAqEKwvg6

      WhatsApp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/B8UyX6LziqkIgo2tS83ZRa


  2. Thanks Jen for doing this! I enjoyed our last trip.


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