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My dear friends,

On September 27 th I’ll finally started my journey through Japan. It will be the biggest adventure of my life so far and you are very welcome to be a part of it while following this site.

Together with my bike and my tent I will travel Japan. Therefore I applied for a Working Holiday Visa, which allows me to stay at least one year in Japan and also to work there. Maybe it’s also possible to work in a lab, because there are no visa restrictions. The plan is to travel the whole country via bicycle (it’s nearly impossible to take the bike into Japanese trains) and to sleep outside in my tent or do Couchsurfing. I don’t really know how long I will stay in Japan, I’m also motivated to cycle more countries. I could also imagine to cycle to Australia to do Work and Travel there as well or even go further. Maybe I’m coming back after a few weeks or maybe I stay there. It remains exciting. Anything is fixed yet and this is my greatest excitement. I will be free to explore the world. At least for one time in my life. The moment I waited for and worked so hard for the last three years has come.

Since I walked the Camino de Santiago I’m dreaming of hiking the Shikoku 88 Temple Way, which is a 1400 km pilgrimage trail around the Island. I heard about it for the first time, when I was on the Camino de Santiago and I was excited about it immediately. Let’s see what the “Japanese Camino” holds for me.

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