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The website which hosted my trails was sold. This is a small tragedy for this project, since the new owner doesn’t support free access. It means you have to sign up and pay on a monthly base to be able to download a trail provided by the community. I’m not even able to download my own trails anymore. This is against my philosophy and I strongly refuse to support this kind of business! Well, at this point it means some inconvenience, since my technical knowledge is limited and this collections of trails is a small hobby project.

I provide all the trails of Hiking around Ōsaka. Click the following link to download the zip folder containing both, a .klm and .gpx file, of the chosen trail. I recommend to load the .klm file into, an open street map based app which also works offline.

Enjoy hiking!

Hiking from Takao to Hozukyo

The Takedao Abandoned Railway Hike

Hiking at Mino-o park (箕面公園)

Hiking Mt. Rokko (六甲山)

Hiking Mt. Atago (愛宕山) in ArashiyamaHiking Mt. Ikoma (生駒山)

Hiking Mt. Ikoma (生駒山)

Hiking Mt. Ponpon (ポンポン山)

Hiking Mt. Katano (交野山)

Hiking Mt. Kongo (金剛山)

Hiking Mt. Myoken (妙見山)

Hiking Takatoriyama (鷹取山) and Suma Alps

Hiking at Takarazuka (Nakayama 中山 to Yamamoto)

Hiking Mt. Daimonji (大文字山)

Hiking along Katsura river (桂川)

Hiking at Yoshino (吉野山)

Hiking at Oiwadake (大岩岳)

Mt. Kanon (観音山)

Hiking Mt. Tenguzuka (Nagamine 長峰山)

Dōjō wild river hike and hundred rock (百丈岩)

Hiking Mt. Nijo (二上山)

Hiking Mt. Katsuragi (葛城山)

Hiking Nakayama (中山)

Hiking Kikusuiyama (菊水山) and Nabebutayama (鍋蓋山)

Hiking in the mountains of Mino-o

Hiking at Rokko Rock Garden (Arechiyama 荒地山)

Mt. Kongō (river trail)







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