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Why Japan?! Raised up in the nineties I was definitely influenced by Animes and Mangas. I have never been a fangirl, but watching Animes in television after school was daily routine. I was fascinated by Japan as long as I could think, once we had to make an imaginary travelogue as homework in school. Sure, I was writing about Japan. So I dreamed a long time of visiting Japan once, but honestly I never believed that it will come true one day. Going to Japan one day was as serious as meeting random people saying hey let’s meet some time. You already know while saying it that you won’t meet up in the end. I was raised up with the message “being a part of the swarm and hide”, being individual will get you into trouble. It’s hard to break out of this thought pattern. But walking through Spain was the beginning of a new life. I was always keen to do a great journey after finishing my Master’s. So I started early to save money for a big trip in future. I decided to go for Working Holidays to Australia. For one, because I could learn English fluently and for second Isi just did the same and she has the gift to motivate me and to take away my fears. It was in January 2015 and I was searching for flights to Australia, when I figured out that a stopover in Japan wouldn’t change the price in the end. I was excited about the idea and that I could just follow my dreams and let one of them come true! It may sounds naive, but for me it was an important step. By time I was more excited to plan about my stay in Japan than in Australia. The period I was planing to stay there got longer and I decided to go to South Korea as well. Going to South Korea is also a dream from childhood, cause as you might now I’m practicing Taekwondo since I was a child and my first sabeom-nim (trainer) was Korean. He impressed and influenced me a lot. Since spending a lot of time within the Couchsurfing hiking group I grow even more. I got more fascinated about traveling the world, got braver and the desire to learn about foreign cultures and languages grow constantly stronger. So I decided not to go to Australia. Influenced by the movie “pedal the world” by Felix Starck and a friend, I was thinking about taking a bike with me to get the maximum of freedom. Japan is still my biggest dream and I really want to live the culture, so I decided to apply for a Working Holiday Visa, which allows me to stay at least for one year and to earn some money as well.

I proudly present my Plan: Oneway ticket to Japan, taking my bike and sleep in my tent. That’s it! Maximum of freedom!

While having planed every single step of my first Camino trip, this journey is the extremly opposite. Nothing is planed yet. I don’t no where to go or where to stay. Maybe I’m getting homesick and will be back in a few weeks or maybe I’m staying there forever. After my trip across the Alps I’m so excited about cycling that the motivation is quiet high to cross China by bike heading to Australia or whatsoever. So it remains exciting. Feel free to follow me.

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