Hiking Mt. Kannon (観音山)


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May, 12 th 2019 Ōsaka

Kannonyama. I was very happy to see Sayaka again after our trip to Shikoku. During the IMG_8380.jpgweek I really missed my fellows. It was a wonderful sunny day and I was very excited about today’s trail and had high expectations about Mt. Kannon’s summit. Half of today’s participants we met at Ōsaka Station while the rest joined us at Koyoen Station when we started hiking. We already started climbing up in a calm residential area and had a first amazing view of the Ocean. The trailhead was a little bit hidden, but soon on the trail the view and the trail itself became IMG_8392.jpgmore and more beautiful. The trail was made of big rocky stairs which allowed us to climb up straight. The yellow sandy rocks were surrounded by many green fern plants and forming a canyon like trail. This trail was felt a bit like mountain climbing, but without any of its dangers. The terrain changed and became more a forest while still guiding us on steep stairs made of roots. It was exhausting and we started sweating a lot. I got a first taste of Japanese summer. Since I created the trail completely freely, I was a bit worried about the conditions. After IMG_8419.jpgcreating more than twenty trails and ending up in adventurous and sometimes dangerous situations it always remains unpredictable. But when a group of elderly people came towards us, I felt released. After a while we were hungry, but since the first viewpoint wasn’t too far away, we decided to keep on climbing. It was the right decision. Almost at the summit there was a horseback like viewpoint and it was just amazing. This was the perfect spot for our lunch IMG_8423.jpegbreak. I enjoyed a lot laying on my blanket while the sun warmly touched my skin. I was very happy that the cold times would be officially over and the nature around turned from brown to green. It felt like waking up. I was looking forward the upcoming season IMG_8439.jpgand welcoming summer. Refresht and happy we continued our hike on a small trail. It went steep down to the left and right. The summit of Kannonyama was close, but even while using a gps map we couldn’t find the peak. I was very disappointed and went back for a few hundred meters. Nothing. There wasn’t any peak. We even searched in the bushes for a hidden sign without any success. We continued and soon there was a junction. Without any reason I decided to change from the original trail and was very excited when we finally found Kannonyama’s IMG_8449.jpgsummit. It was an amazing place. The name was painted in Japanese Kanji at the big rocks forming the little plateau. It was almost a 360° view of the city of Ōsaka, Kobe and the Ocean. Shimon brought two couch surfer from the US and both were very excited of IMG_8382.jpgthe view and almost didn’t want to leave. So, spent there a long time and just enjoyed this amazing spot. It was time to descent and the shortest trail I choose was the smallest one. After entering it became more and more narrow and was full of spiderwebs. I had a intuition, but I discarded it and hoped for the best. The trail became more difficult and soon we had to climb down heavy rocky stairs on a narrow trail. The bushes around us almost consummated the trail and it slowly became dangerous since IMG_8442.jpegthere was a barbed wire fence for no reasons in the trail itself. I had strong doubts and just moments later we ended up in a dead end. I was happy to turn around while getting the chance to walk on an easy trail. There was another trail leading to the same goal.  It was obviously the right one, but still we had to climb down huge rock stairs and the IMG_8447.jpgterrain was difficult. The boys were too fast and climbed down a steep slope next to the trail, which was even more challenging. At the bottom, we passed a large residential area and a main road. The second part of the hike guided us through a large park, which is famous for bouldering. The park was bigger than expected and the trails were surprisingly nice. Unfortunately I couldn’t spot any boulder. But I’m sure they will be there. We all felt very tired and at a junction we split for no reason. Anyway the IMG_8384.jpgtrail would merge again in a few hundred meters, so we just continued. We didn’t meet the others. We were also close to the train Station. I was very surprised of the beautiful trails in the park. The trail I created was not leading to the one we came from. Instead, it was guiding us along the river to Shukugawa Station. I heard walking this path would be beautiful and still was motivated to keep on walking. Back at the main road leading to the train Station we couldn’t see any sign of the IMG_8452.jpglost part of our group. I was sure they would head back to Koyoen Station, because I was sure nobody downloaded the trail. So we continued and walked along the river. The walk was very nice and along the shore it was the perfect place for having BBQ and enjoying a sunny day. My legs felt extremely tired, way more than usual and every step was painful. Sayaka’s and Gabriel’s motivation was also very low to keep on walking, so we took the train from Kurakuenguchi Station and I was so happy just to sit down. In the train we met the lost part of the group and were reunited in the end. Together with Sayaka and Gabriel I went to an Indian restaurant in Umeda. With a full tummy of delicious curry and cheese nan I went home and just fell in my bed. Absolutely exhausted, but also happy.

Access: Koyoen Station – Kurakuenguchi Station

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