Watching Leonid meteor shower in Eifel National park

Our first couchsurfing experience

Together with Viraj we planed a trip to Eifel National park for wathching the leonids meteor shower on November 17th. There was an event organised by a local observatory and Sumanta and Anne decided to join us. Well it was my birthday and I could manage to get my Dad’s car. On friday morning the observatory canceled the event due to cloudy forecast while I was already with the fully packed car in the University. We decided to drive there anyway and just try to watch some leonids nearby the observatory.

It is kind of funny, we all know each other via chouchsurfing, but none of us had ever used it for the actual purpose. I did my first request on Marco, who lives in Schleide, 15 km from the observatory and luckily he accepted immediatly.

After the lab Viraj came to the University and we picked up Sumanta in Hilden and Anna in Neuss, she was coming directly from a job interview in Frankfurt. We went to a local supermarket to get some punch and startet our journey. When we arrived in Vogelsang it was completly dark and very cold. The ground was frozen. I parked the car hidden on a small field. Packed with blankets, matresses and sleeping bags we walked onto a field in the middle of nowhere. The sky was completly clear and the stars were shining. We prepared hot punch and had some food together until we just laid down, watching the stars. After quiet a while Anna and Sumanta managed to see a meteor. I was thinking about what to wish, but I got no idea. I was just happy and grateful for my life. At some point they remembered that it was still my birthday and each of them sang happy birthday in their mother tongue. It was one of the best gift I ever got 🙂


It was a very special night, we talked a lot and had some deep conversations. I was really enjoying that one moment and realising how little things I need to be happy. I was thinking about where I’ll be in exactly one year. I’m still courious about it. I got calm and listened to the other’s talks. They voices went away and I could feel my body getting sleepy. I saw a meteor and wished something. The wish just poped up into my sleepy mind. I smiled for a moment, what a silly wish. I could feel how the cold was grabbing me, but I still felt comfortable in my sleeping bag. I fell asleep.

At around half past one Anna woke me up. All of them were frozen and very sleepy. So we decided to leave the field and drive to Marco, who promised to wait for us in the night. Marco was indeed awake and greeted us with hot tea. He was a very kind guy and we sat altogether in his living room for a while, drinking tea and talking. He was living alone in a huge house since his wife left him with his four children. Around 3 pm we all were tired and went to bed. Marcos place was perfect, we were allowded to sleep in his children’s room and erverybody of us got a bed. I was very grateful not to have to sleep on the thermarest in that night.


In the morning we had breakfast with Marco in his beatiful conservatory. He also gaves us a lot of information about the area for our hike today. He also told us that the field we layed in during the night belongs to an old barrack area and that it is highly dangerous and forbidden to leave the ways. Luckily nothing happend to us. Anna had a cold already on friday and of course it got worse during the night outside. So we decided to go only for a walk nearby the observatory. It was a nice and quiet long walk in the end. We explored the area where we watched stars the night before and of course we left the way and walked through the fields. The whole area was an open air museum about the barracks and the second world war.

In the late evening we went back to the car, ate the leftovers of the cake and startet the way back home. With Viraj and Sumanta I drove to Düsseldorf for movie session and planing the next trip with couchsurfing hiking group at Sam’s place. When we arrived it was pouring rain and I hardly managed to get a parking lot. Viraj left immediately. There was no real planing at Sam’s place and when they started watching the movie I felt too tired and left the place.


Thank you for this wonderful experience my friends.

1 thought on “Watching Leonid meteor shower in Eifel National park

  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful account!
    It was a great time!


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